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Telenor puts factory 5G on ‘starting blocks’ in Swedish mashup with Atlas Copco, Ericsson

Telenor has deployed a private 5G network in localised 3.7 GHz spectrum at Swedish tool manufacturer Atlas Copco’s factory in Sickla, in Stockholm. The radio gear and core network are from fellow Swede Ericsson; Japan-based IT firm Fujitsu is also engaged. 

The group claims the new installation is the first live “commercial” private 5G deployment in so-called ‘vertical’ spectrum anywhere in the world. Telenor will manage the network, as part of its bundled private 5G offer for smart factories and manufacturing. Telenor utilises Ericsson’s plug-and-play private cellular system, called Ericsson Industry Connect.

Atlas Copco is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial air compressors; it also makes other industrial tools, including vacuum solutions, generators, pumps, and power tools, as well as construction and assembly systems. 

Telenor was the first operator to sign as a reseller of Ericsson’s pre-packed factory LTE and 5G solution. Transport company Scania, another Swedish firm, has already implemented an LTE version of the package at its smart production lab in the industrial city of Södertälje, about 30 kilometres southwest of Stockholm. Ericsson’s pitch is to offer IT and OT professionals with no prior experience of cellular an “easy… network management experience”.

Telenor said the deal with Atlas Copco will create new conditions for industrial transformation, to “pave way for the next generation” of smart factories. Developing industrial-grade 5G, in private setups, will increasingly replace cabled factory operations, and liberate businesses to make play of AI-based data analytics and IoT-geared digital applications.

“The next generation of mobile technology is now officially in the starting blocks,” said Telenor.

Andreas Kristensson, head of IoT and new business at Telenor Sweden, commented: “We know that private networks will be an important piece of the puzzle for the industrial sector and together we are now taking a massive step towards Industry 4.0. Our ambition during the year is to connect two more partners in Sweden with 5G on the industrial spectrum

Fujitsu’s role is unclear, at least from the press announcement. But the Japanese firm revealed yesterday (October 8) a new portfolio of private 5G products and services to serve the Industry 4.0 movement, alongside a bold revenue target of ¥100 billion (about $9.5 billion) from private 5G-related sales by the end of fiscal 2025. 

Ericsson, Intel, Keysight Technologies, and Qualcomm are providing the networking gear, chipsets, and testing behind Fujitsu’s new private 5G proposition, which focuses, at least initially, on on selling private LTE and 5G equipment and services in its home market, in Japan.

Japan has made available localised portions of ‘vertical’ spectrum at 2575–2595 MHz and 4.6-4.9 GHz, for industry to license at a significantly reduced fee compared with spectrum used for public mobile networks, sold to the highest bidders at auction. Fujitsu took the first commercial private 5G license in Japan, back in March.

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