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Huawei, Audi strengthen intelligent connected vehicles cooperation


Huawei said it has integrated its mobile data center platform into the Audi Q7


Huawei and Audi announced plans to strengthen their cooperation in the field of intelligent connected vehicles.

During the Huawei Connect event taking place this week in Shanghai, China, the two partners carried out a demonstration of this new technology with the Audi Q7.

“We [evaluated] a joint development of highly automated driving functions and future oriented vehicle-2-infrastructure communications. We are looking forward to [intensifying] the partnership with Huawei in the future, because we are convinced that a closer cooperation between our two companies will bring substantial benefits for both sides,” said Saad Metz, EVP of Audi China research and development.

“As cars get smarter, we take advantage of our leading ICT technologies with Audi to lead automatic driving into the fast lane. Very soon, consumers will enjoy more secure, comfortable, convenient, and intelligent self-driving services,” said William Xu, director of the board and chief strategy marketing officer of Huawei.

The two companies have integrated Huawei’s Mobile Data Center (MDC) into the Audi Q7 for urban automatic driving environments, and the prototype was showcased to the public at this week’s Huawei Connect.

In July, Huawei and Audi signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation in Berlin to jointly develop intelligent connected vehicles. The cooperation between Huawei and Audi is also intended to facilitate the ongoing advancement of intelligent driving and the digitalization of services in the vehicle environment, the two partners said.

The parties additionally agreed to jointly develop training programs in order to strengthen the skills of technology experts in both of these areas.

In June, Huawei announced the release of the OceanConnect “internet of vehicles” (IoV) platform, to enable intelligent and connected vehicles. Huawei highlighted that IoV is driving integration between ICT and the automotive industry, and that an IoV platform is the key ICT infrastructure that enables digital transformation of automobile manufacturers.

Huawei’s new platform supports hundreds of millions of connections and millions of high concurrent connections to ensure secure connectivity for vehicles, the vendor said. Additionally, a global public cloud deployment gives global automobile manufacturers access to intelligent services to meet their operational requirements, the Chinese company added.

By collecting and analyzing vehicle big data such as vehicle conditions and driving behaviours, the the IoV platform enables intelligent content distribution and service recommendations based on the accurate analysis of these driving behaviours and travel scenarios, Huawei said.

The OceanConnect IoV platform also helps automobile manufacturers to control digital assets through the separated structure of data and business, Huawei said. Third-party content and applications are integrated to build an ecosystem centered on automobile manufacturers.

Additonally, the IoV platform will be developed in cooperation with vehicle-to-everything (V2X) to enable vehicles to communicate with each other and their environment.

In March, Huawei, Vodafone Germany and Bosch successfully tested the extended usage of cellular vehicle to everything (C-V2X) technology in combination with Bosch’s adaptive cruise control (ACC) driver assistance system.

The partners said they have been performing trials of the new technology for the last 12 months on the A9 freeway in Bavaria, Germany, using a pre-standard 5G network. The involved firms also highlighted that the real-time integration of C-V2X with ACC driver assistance system will deliver more efficient and safer driving.


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