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Huawei releases new internet of vehicles platform, smart airport solution

Huawei expects its OceanConnect IoV platform to enable the digital transformation of automobile manufacturers

Huawei announced the release of the OceanConnect “internet of vehicles” (IoV) platform, which will enable intelligent and connected vehicles, as well as a new version of its smart airport solution.

Huawei highlighted that IoV is driving integration between ICT and the automotive industry, and that an IoV platform is the key ICT infrastructure that enables digital transformation of automobile manufacturers.

Huawei’s new platform supports hundreds of millions of connections and millions of high concurrent connections to ensure secure connectivity for vehicles, the vendor said. Additionally, a global public cloud deployment gives global automobile manufacturers access to intelligent services to meet their operational requirements, the Chinese company added.

By collecting and analyzing vehicle big data such as vehicle conditions and driving behaviors, the the IoV platform enables intelligent content distribution and service recommendations based on the accurate analysis of these driving behaviors and travel scenarios, Huawei said.

The OceanConnect IoV platform also helps automobile manufacturers to control digital assets through the separated structure of data and business, Huawei said. Third-party content and applications are integrated to build an ecosystem centered on automobile manufacturers.

Additonally, the IoV platform will be developed in cooperation with vehicle-to-everything (V2X) to enable vehicles to communicate with each other and their environment.

“The internet of vehicles (IoV) leads to in-depth convergence of ICT and the automobile industry. The IoV empowers connected vehicles and intelligent services which enables faster digital transformation for the automobile industry,” said Ma Haixu, president of Huawei’s cloud core network product line.

Huawei and French car maker PSA Group have rolled out what it claims to be the world’s largest OEM Connected Vehicle project to date. The first automobile model, the DS 7 Crossback, was developed on Huawei’s OceanConnect IoV platform and has been released in China and Europe. Huawei has also started strategic cooperation and joint innovation with China FAW Group and Guangzhou Automobile Group, the vendor said.

Huawei also announced the launch of its Smart Airport 2.0 solution, which covers a wide range of aspects such as visualized operational processes, visualized safety, visualized services, and airport IoT.

Huawei’s new Smart Airport 2.0 solution focuses more on technology linkages among intelligent video surveillance, Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet of things (IoT). This enables data interaction among various vertical business systems at airports, the Chinese company said.

Huawei also said its Smart Airport 2.0 solution helps airports implement the smart allocation of aircraft stands, smart navigation lighting, and visualized ground handling, which improve operating efficiency and reduce flight turnaround time.

Huawei’s Smart Airport 2.0 solution also provides airports with tailor-made panoramic video surveillance and intelligent perimeter protection. Using 4K intelligent cameras, as well as passive optical networks for quick video backhaul, airport operations center (AOC) personnel can monitor the whole process of take-off and landing, and automatically track flights, achieving ultra-HD surveillance, Huawei said.

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