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Swift Sensors goes after industrial IoT with wireless sensor system

Swift Sensors to take on industrial IoT.

Earlier this month, Swift Sensors announced its transition to industrial “internet of things” where it plans to offer a cloud-based wireless sensor system for industrial and commercial applications. The company said it will work to replace manual processes and disparate sensors with what it claims to be a low-cost, unified sensor system for real-time actionable data. Swift technology is said to monitor temperature, humidity, vibration, motion, activity, location, electric voltage and current.

“Businesses are frequently limited in their ability to efficiently monitor critical equipment and processes because of expensive, highly manual traditional systems,” said Swift CEO Sam Cece. “Swift Sensors extends the reach and efficiency of sensor monitoring, while offering new opportunities to enhance performance using analytics and optimization. Our low-cost, instant deployment allows businesses to rapidly adapt to regulatory compliance initiatives and commence predictive maintenance programs.”

Swift released its cloud wireless sensor system after 18 months of development and deployment with customers including Kraft Heinz, Sysco and McDonald’s.

“We deployed hundreds of wireless sensors from Swift Sensors to upgrade our existing sensors and automate our manual monitoring processes,” said William Thacker, engineering supervisor at the Kraft Heinz Company. “My team now focuses their time on important daily tasks rather than manually checking temperatures or equipment status. We’ve saved hundreds of hours in productivity over the past year and improved our operations.”

Use cases for Swift sensor system

Swift sites a number of industrial, commercial and service businesses that will be able to take advantage of its new release, including food chain; transportation; restaurants; IT data centers; research and development; and power

According to the company, its product allows companies to place sensors wherever they would like to capture data and insights from their physical environment; transmit the relevant data via either Bluetooth Low Energy or RF to a Swift Sensors Bridge, which is an appliance connecting the sensors to the Swift Sensors Cloud using Wi-Fi, Ethernet and/or cellular communication; utilize the Swift web-based dashboard to configure the sensor system for data monitoring and analysis from any location; and use the cloud-based dashboard to access sensor data and, based on their role, sophisticated analytics using their desktop and mobile devices. Businesses can set up reports and send notifications via email, text message or a phone call based on customizable thresholds.

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