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KT plans to build private 5G network testbed

KT said that its private 5G network testbed runs on the 4.7 GHz spectrum band


Korean telco KT unveiled plans to build a specialized 5G testbed running on the 4.7 GHz band with the aim of enabling multiple customers to access its core network equipment from the public cloud and test private or “specialized” networks.

“When KT’s 5G specialized network testbed is established, it will be possible to perform a one-stop service for testing equipment for 5G specialized network, interworking with terminals, and conducting network trial operation and inspection. It is expected to greatly reduce the cost and technical burden of companies considering the introduction of a 5G specialized network,” KT said.

The Korean operator added the testbed is expected to reduce the cost and technical requirements for companies considering introducing private networks.

“KT is planning to develop a shared technology that allows multiple customers to subscribe and use the core equipment of the 5G specialized network installed in the public cloud through the 5G specialized network testbed,” the company said. “Using this technology, customers can use 5G specialized network services by connecting wireless equipment to KT’s cloud-based 5G specialized network core equipment, without the need to directly build the entire 5G network.”

KT also said it is currently developing intelligent and automation technologies for network operation management, such as an AI bot that automatically inspects 5G-specialized networks and takes corrective measures based on its accumulated network operation capabilities. “Through this, companies that introduce 5G specialized networks can greatly reduce the burden of operation and management of 5G specialized networks,” said the operator.

KT is deploying private 5G networks at Seoul National University and Samsung Seoul Hospital.

South Korea is seeing a rapid adoption of 5G private networks, chiefly due to the widespread coverage of 5G technology in the country and the allocation of specific spectrum by the government to enable private network deployments.

In August, South Korean tech firm Samsung announced a tranche of new private 5G deployments in its home country, including with three public sector agencies and two private sector hospitals. The vendor noted that this project is part of the government initiative to advance the country’s private 5G ecosystem, allowing non-telecom operators to build and operate 5G networks using 4.7GHz and 28GHz — which are dedicated frequency bands for private 5G networks in Korea.

Samsung said it was selected in each case – by three state-owned utilities and two privately-owned hospitals – “as part of the government’s” drive to release spectrum for industrial change. Its three public sector contracts – with Korea Electric Power Corporation, Korea Industrial Complex Corporation, and Korea Water Resources Corporation – are geared around “workplace safety and efficiency”, it said.

The vendor also said that this new project follows Samsung’s previous deployment of what it claimed to be Korea’s first private 5G network at Naver’s new headquarters.

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