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Wyld taps IoT maker Miromico for satellite LoRaWAN modules; ramps-up US sales

Satellite IoT company Wyld Networks has signed a deal with Switzerland-based IoT manufacturer Miromico to design and manufacture a new range of sensor-to-satellite LoRaWAN modules and terminals to support remote and hard-to-reach IoT applications. Miromico will also resell the UK firm’s Wyld Connect portfolio of IoT devices and satellite services, which offers roaming on terrestrial and satellite LoRaWAN networks.

Wyld Networks has a commercial arrangement with US-based terrestrial LoRaWAN operator Senet, which also runs roaming into LoRaWAN infrastructure in a number of markets outside the US, and France-based satellite operator Eutelsat for sensor-to-satellite LoRaWAN network extensions. It packages these services into its own offer, leveraging partnerships with the likes of Miromico for IoT hardware components.

The Cambridge-headquartered firm announced its Wyld Connect portfolio in March, as a new range of hybrid IoT devices that transfer data directly to terrestrial networks or via low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites. The satellite extension means its hybrid sensors and modules support 100 percent global coverage, it claims. Wyld Networks said at the time it has trials with Bayer, Chevron, Treevia, Agrology, KWS, Agrocognitive, and Wezen Group, among others.

It has since added DFM Technologies, DEWA, and American Tower to its list of reference customers. Schekeb Fateh, chief executive at Miromico, said: “Wyld is at the forefront of new sensor-to-satellite technology, which is set to massively transform the IoT market, currently being held back by the lack of global connectivity.”

Alastair Williamson, chief executive at Wyld Networks, said: “With years of experience in innovative design for integrated circuits, electronic systems and the IoT, Miromico is the ideal partner to help us accelerate our R&D and production activities to meet the growing demand for advanced satellite IoT solutions. There is a lot of synergy between the two companies that will help us to drive further market adoption and explore new applications.”

Meanwhile, Wyld Networks has formalised the expansion of its sales operation in the US and Canada with the appointment of a new vice president of sales and business development for the region. Brent Storts, previously at Origin Resources Holding Group (a US based provider of healthcare solutions, where he was co-founder), will lead its sales north of Mexico. He will work with Chevron, Bayer, Snow Acres, Semtech, Senet, and American Tower.

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