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Softdel joins Siemens ecosystem to target smart buildings

Siemens said that Softdel’s EdificeEdge IoT Gateway platform is “ideal” for integrating siloed wireless IoT sensor systems in smart buildings


Siemens and Softdel announced a new partnership in which the latter’s EdificeEdge IoT gateway platform solution has become part of the Siemens Connect Ecosystem.

Softdel’s EdificeEdge IoT gateway platform connects to a variety of IoT devices and sensors ranging from temperature, humidity, air quality, fire and smoke and lighting in buildings, and at the same time seamlessly integrates with Siemens’ platforms, including its building management system Desigo CC.

The partners said that the EdificeEdge IoT Gateway platform is “ideal” for integrating siloed wireless IoT sensor systems in smart buildings and connecting them to the Siemens’ BMS and related platforms.

“Through our ConvergenceSuite of products and solutions, we are bringing the power of ‘Edge’ to smart buildings enabling a shift towards truly optimized, self-diagnosed, and energy-efficient buildings,” said Sachin Deshmukh, managing director at Softdel. “Our EdificeEdge platform integrates perfectly within Siemens’ platform ecosystem including Desigo CC. Our partnership with Siemens is a significant step towards driving our vision of connecting devices, enterprises, and people.”

“IoT technology bears the potential of providing unprecedented insights to numerous aspects of today’s buildings. With ever-increasing connected devices installed in smart buildings, there is an ongoing need for seamless integration to offer real-time actionable insights. EdificeEdge is a significant milestone in our two-decade journey of providing innovative solutions to the global building automation industry,” added Sunil Dalal, founder and chairman of Softdel.

Siemens describes its Connect Ecosystem as offering the tools, processes, training and support necessary for third-party solution providers to create solutions that integrate with Siemens’ platforms.

“As world events and the rapid evolution of technology are pushing the boundaries of smart buildings, a thriving partner ecosystem is extremely critical to innovate quickly, deliver value to customers, and enter new markets much faster,” said Rene Herrera, head of ecosystem and development at Siemens Smart Infrastructure USA. “While it is extremely difficult for any one company to deliver a solution that solves customers’ specific challenges, our Siemens Connect partners and domain expertise across industries allow us to co-innovate at a pace that exceeds customer needs and expectations.”

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