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DT, Commerzbank cooperate to develop digital industry solutions

Deutsche Telekom stated its enterprise IT subsidiary T-Systems was already working with Commerzbank on a pilot system


German operator Deutsche Telekom and compatriot bank Commerzbank have partnered to develop digital supply chain systems with integrated financial services which use 5G, AI, IoT, blockchain, sensors and cloud technology.

The aim of the the partnership, the two organization said, is to offer enterprises efficient and transparent supply chains, intelligent warehouse management, automated financial services and supply-related cost savings.

The German carrier stated its enterprise IT subsidiary T-Systems was already working with Commerzbank on a pilot system.

In a six-month test phase T-Systems and Commerzbank are optimizing the digital solution together with a pilot customer from the logistics sector. The individual challenges faced by the customer in the supply process or in the warehouse are taken into consideration. To this end, the companies are using the infrastructure of the Werner von Siemens Centre in Berlin, where T-Systems operates a research and development hub for industry solutions.

“Companies need technologies like 5G, IoT and the cloud share digital information with everyone in the supply chain globally. In the cooperation with Commerzbank we bring the worlds of technology and finance together so as to digitize all aspects of a supply chain – from procurement, invoicing, through logistics, to payments,” said Urs Krämer, chief commercial officer at T-Systems.

“Supply chains will change rapidly with digital networking and integrated payments,” said Jörg Oliveri del Castillo-Schulz, COO of Commerzbank. “Together with T-Systems we are working on scalable solutions so that our customers can make their complex supply chains such that these are more efficient, resilient and productive.”

Commerzbank will also be supported with scientific expertise in the framework of its cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) in Dortmund. “Thanks to the integration of the blockchain-based solution which we are developing together with Commerzbank in the framework of the Trade Finance Innovations Lab, in the future the partners will be able to combine physical and financial supply chains with one another so as to attain economic end-to-end automation in supply chains,” said Michael Henke, institute head at Fraunhofer IML.

Deutsche Telekom recently highlighted that 92% of households can already access the carrier’s 5G network, while LTE coverage reaches 99% of the German population.

The telco also said that it is currently using 3.6 GHz frequencies for the provision of 5G services in more than 2,000 locations across Germany.

Last month, Deutsche Telekom said it was using spectrum in the 700 MHz range for the provision of 5G for the first time. The European operator said that the use of the 700 MHz band improve mobile communications coverage in rural areas across Germany.

The telco added that more than 3,000 antennas in about 1,100 locations are currently transmitting 5G via 700 MHz frequencies.

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