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Sigfox brand retained; everything else subsumed into expanding UnaBiz family

The UnaBiz takeover of Sigfox has been rubber stamped in letterheads, employment contracts, marketing outreach, and a concerted push on social media activity; “starting July, SIGFOX (sic) is now a UnaBiz Technology,” wrote Henri Bong, co-founder at Singapore-based UnaBiz, and one half of the management duo betting on Sigfox’s enduring star quality as an original icon of the French new-tech wave.

One thing is certain: Bong knows how to work a social media channel, and LinkedIn is alive, presently, with old and new Sigfox staff crowing (posting), in scripted harmony, about their (delight / excitement etc at their) new-look roles as part of the UnaBiz-owned Sigfox project. But there is real substance, as well, it appears; or at least lots of glad-handing pics, jet-set reassurance, plus some (seemingly) grand statements and new appointments.

But the biggest news, arguably, is the decision by Bong – along with his co-founder at UnaBiz Philippe Chiu, plus consultation (one supposes) other management, key customers, and big Sigfox operators – that the Sigfox brand is to be retained, albeit under the UnaBiz family banner. Bong said: “Sigfox will remain a technology name just like Bluetooth, LoRa, or Wi-Fi. The beautiful butterfly logo will remain just for the technology.”

Otherwise, everything is going under the UnaBiz name, as prescribed by the firm’s purchase of Sigfox two months ago. Bong wrote: “Both Sigfox SAS and Sigfox SA (the tech business and French network operation) will stop as company names and entities. All assets, IPs, teams and contracts with customers and operators will be owned by UnaBiz SAS and UnaBiz Networks SAS which are both French entities under French laws.”

He added: “Former Sigfox employees will now be integrated into [the] UnaBiz team… This is the result of a two-month brainstorming with all stakeholders, and we conclude this is the best way to move forward.” And he wrote, finally: “Keep tuned [for] other exciting announcements”. Confirmation of the decision about the Sigfox brand follows LinkedIn posts also about the appointments of Loïc Barancourt and Remi Francois to the UnaBiz managem.

So… Sigfox looks buoyant again, perhaps; at least from a cursory glance at one corner of the IoT market’s social media landscape.

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