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NTT Com launches global service to support deployment of IoT equipment

NTT Com said the new service will target clients that deploy equipment such as automobiles, construction or agricultural machinery

Japanese company NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) announced the launch of IoT Connect Mobile Type A, or ICM(A), an IoT connectivity service for mobile connectivity via SIM cards supported with a management platform and global IoT maintenance.

In a release, the company said that the new offering is an expansion of NTT Com’s IoT connectivity service lineup and will respond to the diversified needs of clients that deploy equipment such as automobiles, construction or agricultural machinery in some 180 countries.

The service enables customers to procure and preinstall their own SIMs prior to shipping equipment overseas, and then add profiles later based on the country of destination.

NTT Com also noted that the offering offers a key benefit  which is centralized connectivity management via a multi-IMSI solution. “When deploying IoT devices and equipment in countries with permanent roaming restrictions, collecting data via Japan-based connectivity services and remotely controlling certain equipment can be troublesome. But now, NTT Com, as an MVNO, is offering this multi-IMSI solution to makes it possible to communicate as a local SIM by writing the partner carrier’s IMSI4 into the ICM(A) SIM and swapping it with the regular IMSI,” the company said.

“Another key benefit is the ability to use one SIM to measure total data amounts. SIMs in automobiles provide both telematics for collecting big data and infotainment for client purposes such as in-car Wi-Fi. This eliminates separate management and calculation of end-user communications on the part of the customer, making it easier to start an end-user business.”

NTT Com said it has launched the ICM(A) offering in cooperation with Transatel, a subsidiary of NTT Ltd.

Last month, Transatel  announced the worldwide deployment of a new 5G IoT solution for the industrial, IT and automotive sectors.

The firm said that its offerings are commercially available in the U.S. market after previous launches in France, Belgium and Japan. Other markets are expected to follow in the coming months, the company said.

NTT started to offer both private and public 5G connectivity in the U.S. market on May 12.

In addition to the enterprises, Transatel’s 5G will also be available to consumers worldwide through its Ubigi brand which offers eSIM cellular connectivity for international travelers and connected cars.

Transatel is a global Mobile Virtual Network Operators Enabler (MVNE) and cellular connectivity solutions provider for the industry, IT and automotive sectors. Its global 3G/4G/5G and LTE-M connectivity platform enables IoT applications including sensors, trackers, mobile and enterprise edge devices, as well as connected vehicles and aircraft, worldwide. Transatel currently manages more than 3 million SIM and eSIM profiles across more than 190 destinations for customers such as Airbus, Stellantis, Worldline and Jaguar Land Rover.

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