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New iBwave platform offers combined private 5G and Wi-Fi network design

Network design company iBwave Solutions has introduced new software to help US enterprises dovetail their local-area private Wi-Fi and LTE/5G designs in a single platform. The solution is geared for new private LTE/5G installations in CBRS spectrum in the US, to complement legacy enterprise Wi-Fi networks, and incoming WI-Fi 6 and 6E deployments. The Canadian firm called it a “first-to-market” and “one-stop” design platform.

The new product, called iBwave Private Networks, offers functionality not offered by other design solutions, it claimed, including a single platform for indoor and outdoor design of both private Wi-Fi and cellular networks, along with a corresponding database of 30,000-odd network parts, a mobile application to survey and manage network-builds, and a cloud-based collaboration tool for big firms to get a view of distributed sites and locations.

A statement said: “Enterprises want to be confident their networks will function as they need them to, without the risk of downtime, productivity loss, or safety compromises. This is the first tool that actually enables enterprises to accurately design and build networks for complex venues while also giving them the control, security, and reliability they depend on.” The product is available now.

Jamie Birdnow, senior vice president of commercial operations at iBwave, said: “Enterprises have reached a critical point [with] connectivity. Organizations are finding themselves in scenarios where they must piece together multiple wireless technologies to support a multitude of mission-critical applications throughout their facilities. We’re providing a sorely needed solution to this problem in order to meet the fast-evolving needs of enterprises.”

He added: “Designing a single wireless network is a challenge; designing two separate sophisticated networks with two distinct platforms can make the process seem impossible. Enterprise teams on the ground need reliable wireless to support their emerging technologies and mission-critical apps while also being empowered to maintain quality control from one place. We’ve taken care of that with this new platform.”

Mike Joyce, vice president of customer experience at Celona, said: “We’ve been leveraging iBwave’s software suite to perform RF design of our 5G LAN deployments across our enterprise customers… It is now possible to work with channel partners to design high-quality private Wi-Fi and cellular networks from a single platform. This is a capability that many in our community have been asking for – and iBwave has the right expertise and solution to deliver it.”

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