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Tele2 to deploy private 5G for electric boat company in Sweden

Tele2 announced yesterday that has signed an agreement with electric boat company X Shore to build a private 5G network in their new factory located in Nyköping, Sweden. The private network will wirelessly connect the company’s production equipment to collect data and maintain and control production, supporting the boat company’s goal of producing more than 400 electric boats a year as sustainably as possible

“Our goal is to ensure sustainable and efficient production at all levels, from our working environment to environmental impact and financially. We also need a network that is robust, safe, and efficient. With a private 5G network, we also enable increased automation with, for example, connected tools and self-driving vehicles,” commented Elias Wästberg, head of X Shore Industries 1.

Based on a private 5G network from Tele2, the digital infrastructure is expected to provide the boat company with more flexibility scale up or down in production changes. Tele2 also noted that the network uses frequencies which are allocated as PTS (Public Telecommunications Service), ensuring a secure, predictable and accessible wireless digital infrastructure independent of loads on public or unlicensed networks.

In a blog post, Tele2 stated that a private network connected using 5G — compared to Wi-Fi and LTE — “has the most reliability, even with high loads” and that “[i]t’s also possible to have reliable and super low latency connectivity in the widest area possible.”

According to Tele2’s Executive Vice President B2B Stefan Trampus, a private mobile 5G network will deliver new opportunities for X Shore to digitalize, automate and streamline operations. “[X Shore is] now […] at the forefront as an example of how a manufacturing company can use technology in a smart and efficient way,” he said.

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