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T-Mobile’s IoT network to power Lucid Drone Technologies’ drones

T-Mobile US will initially deliver 4G LTE connectivity to Lucid Drone Technologies industrial spraying drones

Lucid Drone Technologies has selected T-Mobile US as the exclusive provider of IoT connectivity and management for their fleet of industrial spraying drones.

Under the agreement,  Lucid Drone Technologies and T-Mobile are collaborating to offer drone technology for high-risk facilities maintenance work like exterior soft-wash cleaning and high-rise window washing.

The companies also plan to leverage T-Mobile’s 5G network in the future to fly drones beyond line-of-sight and power more data-intensive capabilities like video streaming.

The next generation of Lucid Drone Technologies industrial spraying drones, together with connectivity provided by T-Mobile U.S., can perform exterior washing for commercial building surfaces and windows, including outdoor stadiums and arenas, hotels, and university structures.

T-Mobile noted that its IoT connectivity will power critical capabilities for Lucid Drone Technologies industrial spraying drones such as real-time sharing of flight data, battery utilization information, hardware diagnostics, and delivery of firmware and software updates. Additionally, T-Mobile Control Center will give Lucid Drone Technologies the ability to view and manage the connectivity of their industrial spraying drones.

The carrier also said that Lucid Drone Technologies will have near real-time visibility to all their industrial spraying drones with the ability to monitor network conditions and device behavior with T-Mobile Control Center.

Initially, T-Mobile U.S. will deliver 4G LTE connectivity to Lucid Drone Technologies industrial spraying drones. Lucid Drone Technologies said it expects to utilize the carrier’s 5G network in the near future for advanced use cases such as network operations center access, live streaming video and remote piloting.

“At Lucid Drone Technologies, we are committed to providing robotic solutions that allow our customers to complete jobs that were once dull, dirty, and dangerous in a safer, faster, and smarter way,” said Andrew Ashur, CEO, Lucid Drone Technologies. “T-Mobile not only allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality of real-time support and connectivity today, but they also have impressive 5G capabilities that allow us to push the frontier limits of responsible robotics.”

“Lucid Drone Technologies is a great example of a customer using originality and new technology to solve complicated problems,” said Callie Field, President, T-Mobile Business Group. “It’s not very often that you get to collaborate with these kinds of thinkers, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to offer our technology to help bring their vision to life.”

T-Mobile said its 5G network covers 315 million people, or 95% of Americans, across 1.8 million square miles. The carrier plans to bring Ultra Capacity 5G to 260 million people across the country this year and 300 million by the end of 2023.

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