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Swedish motorcycle maker RGNT selects Telenor IoT

Telenor IoT currently operates 17 million of IoT connections globally and has access to over 500 networks in more than 200 countries


Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer RGNT Motorcycles has selected Nordic operator Telenor IoT to scale their connectivity solutions.

With Telenor IoT’s connectivity service, RGNT will be able to deliver GPS and OTP (one time password) functionality, automatic software and design upgrades, and security to their customers. With the goal to connect 10,000 vehicles, starting with 500 in 2022, RGNT was looking for a scalable solution for their geographical coverage needs, as well as security and low supervision to maintain fleet control.

Telenor IoT has access to over 500 networks in more than 200 countries. Alexander Lewandowski, head of Design at RGNT said: “Besides their strong customer record and long market experience, Telenor IoT created a secure, cost optimized solution by taking the time to understand our roadmap, which was key to our final decision.”

RGNT motorcycles are currently selling electric motorcycles in the EU, Switzerland, Norway and Monaco, with plans to expand into the US and other countries.

“RGNT’s philosophy is about creating a sustainable product that will last for a long time,” said Paulo Vergos, chief Nordic sales officer at Telenor IoT. “With Telenor IoT’s reliable service RGNT can focus on creating functional, beautiful motorcycles, without worrying about their connectivity.”

Last year, Norway-based telecoms group Telenor had reorganized its regional and international IoT portfolios under a single brand moniker, Telenor IoT.

Telenor said it had brought together its Nordic IoT products in the Nordic region and its Telenor Connexion products in international markets. Telenor IoT is selling its portfolio of products and solutions via its business channels at home and Telenor Connexion abroad. It said the portfolio will be offered, variously, by “IoT specialists” in 18 countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

The company currently operates 17 million IoT connections globally. Telenor IoT manages international IoT deployments for customers in some 200 countries and  operates connected devices to enterprises such as Volvo, Scania, Hitachi, Verisure Securitas Direct and Husqvarna.

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