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AWS collaborates with ARC to support the ‘Internet of Battlefield Things’

ARC said the partnership aims to help shape the future of ground warfare with weapons sensing and other technologies


Armaments Research Company (ARC) announced a collaboration with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Federal Small Business Team with the aim of helping shape the future of ground warfare with weapons sensing and data sharing system.

AWS Federal Small Business Team supports strategic small businesses that are aligned to meet and exceed the technology requirements of federal agencies.

Along with the collaboration with the Federal Small Business Team, AWS’ scalable architecture supports the development and deployment of ARC’s weapons-sensing data-streaming technology in real-time, ARC said.

When deployed to military operational and training environments, IoT sensors face untraditional challenges such as constrained or contested networks and demanding physical conditions for sensor hardware. Whether the network includes 5G high-speed internet access or is considered denied, the utilization of AWS environments helps ARC rapidly extract and process data directly from the front lines — preserving transmission speeds at scale — to inform time-critical, life-saving decisions. This combined capability can enable the warfighter with distributed information sharing at speed for improved battlefield response in near-peer-level conflict, the company added.

“When we evaluated on-premises and cloud service provider frameworks across the DoD landscape, AWS’s capability to support the requirements of massively scaled IoT data that comes straight from the soldier’s weapon scored the highest in our evaluation. ARC is breaking new ground with deployments of AWS and IoT sensors into connected battlefield environments. The combination of highly available edge services from AWS with network agnostic IoT weapon sensors helps clear the ‘fog of war,’” said Kyle Broadway, chief technology officer at ARC.

Founded in 2016, ARC is a privately-owned firm with headquarters in Washington D.C.

ARC’s original solutions were developed under DARPA and National Science Foundation sponsorship, leveraging state-of-the-art internet-of-things (IoT) and machine learning (ML) technologies to transform weapons into information nodes or ‘sensors’ and arm Commanders with advanced, real-time decision support.

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