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California-based Aeris unveils its new IoT network


Global Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider Aeris announced the next generation of its IoT network.

In a release, the company said that the new offering includes a suite of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)-based capabilities that enable global IoT connectivity and network performance as well as increased security performance.

The firm describes its Aeris Intelligent IoT Network as being built on a “foundation of machine learning, big data, and data science that extends shared intelligence across infrastructure, applications, and services.”

“Today, our company is leveraging decades of vision and experience to help customers realize the remarkable potential of their connected IoT devices by providing access to the most intelligent and secure IoT Network in the market,” said Marc Jones, chairman and CEO of Aeris. “The Aeris Intelligent IoT Network is the only dynamic cellular IoT network designed from the ground up with intelligence at its core, offering unmatched network security, operational efficiencies and the flexibility to build, launch, and scale complex IoT deployments across the world.”

Aeris is also unveiled its new Intelligent Security Center, which it said provides built-in visibility and analytics to help clients “accurately prevent, detect, and respond to potential malicious activities”. Aeris highlighted that cellular IoT solution providers will be able to transition from a reactive security approach to a proactive security plan with its new solution.

“The Aeris Intelligent IoT Network provides additional flexibility, operational efficiencies and greater security to Bboxx’s approximate 400,000 IoT devices that enable us to deliver affordable, reliable, and clean energy to millions of people living in off-grid communities and those living without a reliable grid connection, in the developing world. Through the Aeris Intelligent Security Center, Bboxx has access to intelligent insights that enable us to reduce our risks and confidently deliver energy at scale across different geographical boundaries,” said Christopher Baker-Brian, co-founder and MD of the product division at Bboxx.

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