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NNNCo gets involved in LoRaWAN smart street lighting project in Uruguay


Australian LoRaWAN network operator National Narrowband Network Company (NNNCo) has signed a contract with technology provider Wellness TechGroup, to provide IoT network coverage to 70,000 smart streetlights in Uruguay’s capital Montevideo.

In a release, the Australian firm said that the project will cover 200 square kilometers and provide smart street lighting to more than 1.3 million people.

NNNCo, Wellness TechGroup and their partners will replace Montevideo’s existing lighting system with LED technology and roll out an interoperable remote management system, which is designed to reduce carbon emissions by 31,500 tons of CO2 per year, a decrease of approximately 80%.

The smart street lighting project will see the deployment of 70,000 new streetlights with LED technology using Wellness TechGroup’s CMS WeLight Manager software, LoRaWAN Actis Nema 7 LPC nodes and NNNCo’s LoRaWAN network.

Rob Zagarella, NNNCo CEO and co-founder, said: “This is a milestone contract in the establishment of NNNCo’s LoRaWAN network as one of the world’s leading networks for smart streetlight use cases and we hope to facilitate similar projects in Australia and in other countries in the near future.”

Wellness TechGroup and NNNCo will be able to provide added services to the city of Montevideo as the contract signed include the opportunity to bring third parties customers across the same gateways into the LoRaWAN network. The Australian network provider will be able to service customers across the whole city, using the NNNCo N2N-DL data aggregation layer and the NNNCo N-Tick device interoperability program.

Wellness TechGroup will roll out 70,000 Actis Plus Nema 7 LCP nodes for remote control of light points. The Actis Plus Nema 7 nodes will connect with WeLight Manager software that will provide real-time information on all the data from the intelligent public lighting service..

David Garcia, Wellness TechGroup CEO, said: “We have deployed more than 300 smart lighting projects worldwide, where we are already managing almost 1 million points of lights in municipalities remotely. Our technology must help reduce the costs, improve the efficiency and environmental impact and provide a better service, but it must also serve citizens by improving their day-to-day. Montevideo will now have a more versatile lighting system, capable of responding to events and unforeseen events, facilitating a feeling of more security on the streets”.

Montevideo’s new public lighting system will be one of the largest smart street lighting projects over LoRaWAN to date, NNNCo. Said.

Wellness TechGroup develops its activity around three fundamental areas in smart cities: smart energy, smart waste management and smart cybersecurity.

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