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Deutsche Telekom launches 5G Standalone campus network solution


German telco Deutsche Telekom has extended its campus network portfolio with the new offering of location-specific 5G mobile networks for companies based on 5G Standalone Technology (5G SA).

In a release, the telco said that the new campus network offering is based on a local 5G infrastructure that is exclusively available for the customer’s digital applications.

Deutsche Telekom also said that the new offering is powered by the Ericsson Private 5G portfolio.

The 5G SA Campus network operates completely separated from the public mobile network and all components of the infrastructure from the antennas to the standalone core network to the network server are located on the customer’s premises, ensuring that sensitive data remains exclusively within the local campus network.

Deutsche Telekom also highlighted that this Standalone 5G architecture of “short distances” is most suitable for supporting business-critical applications that require ultra-short response times in the millisecond range. The 5G SA network operates on frequencies in the 3.7 to 3.8 GHz range that are specifically allocated to the enterprise. Thus, up to 100 megahertz of bandwidth is available for the exclusive use within the private campus network, the telco added.

The mobile network is administered on site via a cloud-based network management portal by the customer’s IT staff – for example, the administration of users, 5G modules and SIM cards to access the 5G-SA campus network or to the machine control system.

Deutsche Telekom also said that the network can be built from planning to the handover to the customer within just three months. Network equipment supplier Ericsson provides the required modern 5G SA technology, while Deutsche Telekom takes on the planning, deployment, operation as well as maintenance and optimization. Telekom also provides the set-up and updates so that companies can focus on their core business.

“When it comes to digitalization, industry and SMEs need a reliable partner,” said Hagen Rickmann, Managing Director Business Customers at Telekom Deutschland GmbH. “Together with Ericsson, we help business customers in every industry to increase their productivity and exploit their full potential using 5G standalone technology.”

Deutsche Telekom has already been offering campus network solutions for enterprises since the beginning of 2019 and by now operates more than ten of such local networks based on 5G non-standalone technology or LTE across Germany. The new product is being launched in Germany from now on under the name “Campus-Netz Private” – and is also offered to business customers in further European countries.

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