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Telit intros new five- and 10-year prepaid airtime plans for ‘out-of-the-blox’ global IoT

IoT module maker and service provider Telit is offering five- and 10-year prepaid airtime plans on its new mobile core network Telit NExT, the company has said. Telit is offering MVNO-style cellular IoT connectivity on 600-odd 2G, 3G and 4G networks in 190 countries; the LTE passes cover NB-IoT and LTE-M infrastructure, as they are available.

Telit is already offering postpaid IoT subscription plans; the new prepaid deals are for “short lifecycle solutions and circumstances where a simple one-time payment is favorable to complex monthly invoicing”, it said. The plans are available with SIMs and eSIMs. The company suggested IoT ‘box’ manufacturers can go after the already-established non-cellular low-power wide-area (LPWA) IoT connectivity market with the new plans.

“[They can] reach new customer segments like those currently leveraging primarily unlicensed spectrum wireless… Through prepaid options, Telit [is] further expand[ing its] cellular IoT product reach into the alluring consumer space where devices are ready to operate out-of-the box for the expected lifetime of the device, without additional complications from a data plan contract and monthly billing.”

The new prepaid plans include connectivity only, or prepaid bundles with an LTE module preloaded with five years of connectivity; allowances are 250 MB of data and 250 SMSs for five years or 500 MB and 500 SMS for 10 years. Telit is offering IoT device and airtime management, plus 24/7 support, and various other analysis and monitoring services.

Tomer Lavie, head of Telit’s connectivity business unit, commented: “We see prepaid connectivity as a vibrant growth market demanding better approaches like ours. With the ability to tailor prepaid in a similar fashion as we do for our postpaid offering plus seamless and effective roaming, IoT native robustness, and cybersecurity hardness, Telit NExT will ensure our prepaid customers have the necessary global foundation to grow and evolve, taking advantage of new and emerging new business models.”

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