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US IoT firm Zyter and Qualcomm combine on twin private LTE and IoT deals

US IoT platform provider Zyter is working with Qualcomm, and other Qualcomm partners in the San Diego-based chipmakers smart cities accelerator project, on a couple of private LTE installations in the CBRS band. One is to support a smart warehouse solution for video conferencing company OneScreen in San Diego. The other is a smart city network in Dallas County, sprung from smart street lights, to improve broadband access in the region.

Zyter is a key partner in Qualcomm’s smart cities accelerator project. It is supplying the central operating platform, called Zyter SmartSpaces, in its IoT services suite, an as-a-service platform of vertical solutions cobbled together from members of the accelerator programme, to suit various ‘smart-city’ use cases, whether for venue-wide, campus-wide, or city-wide applications.

The warehouse solution for OneScreen incorporates a private LTE network, digital twin implementation, autonomous mobile robots, augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) applications, and IoT sensors. Zyter is to deploy the private LTE network in the CBRS band, and install and manage all hardware and sensors, as well as the warehouse management system. It will also supply its smart warehouse module, part of its SmartSpaces platform.

Sufian Munir, chief executive officer at OneScreen, said: “Implementation of the digital twin, autonomous mobile robots, AR/VR use cases, and IoT sensors will make this a state-of-the-art operation. This next-generation smart warehouse will increase productivity, enable automated inventory control, safety and security within the facility and save time and money for employees and customers.”

Meanwhile, Qualcomm and Zyter have also combined with US broadband provider CircleGx to deploy a fixed-wireless broadband network in communities of Dallas County, in Texas, with initial scope for more than 20 LTE cell sites, again using the CBRS band. The new private cellular network, called the ‘Planted Circle’, will connect indoor and outdoor smart lighting, doubling as mobile hotspots for local users, and drive digital equity in the area, the trio said.

CircleGx is funding the Dallas project. Zyter is to deploy and manage the LTE network on its SmartSpaces platform, again. Qualcomm’s RAN platforms are also going into the mix, again. The smart lights and sensor platforms are being provided by another accelerator-member, Israel-headquartered Juganu; these come with Qualcomm’s LTE “infrastructure components” – which are “designed to transform each light into a mobile hotspot,” said Qualcomm.

A statement said: “The smart lights are built with citizen safety in mind. For example, each light will change color in the event of an emergency call so that the lights can guide first responders to the exact location of the person in need.”

John Wiley Price, commissioner for Dallas County, said: “Dallas County is committed to close the digital broadband gap, especially in Southern Dallas County. We are pleased to welcome the investment of CircleGx and the contributions from Qualcomm and Zyter, and look forward to seeing success in bringing broadband infrastructure to Dallas County.”

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