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Everynet and American Tower set sights on nationwide LoRaWAN in Spain

Netherlands-based LoRaWAN operator Everynet has partnered with tower company AT España, a subsidiary of American Tower, to expand its public network footprint in Spain. Through last year, Everynet deployed LoRaWAN networks in Madrid and Barcelona. It is working “synergically” with AT España, it said, to add public LoRaWAN coverage in major metropolitan areas of Spain, starting with Seville and Malaga.

Everynet wants to make LoRaWAN the go-to IoT networking technology for companies in the cities, utilities, logistics, and buildings sectors. The company has worked extensively with tower infrastructure companies to expand internationally. Last year, it signed with Crown Castle to introduce LoRaWAN in 36 cities in the US, to pave the way for a national LoRaWAN network in the US.

The deal with Crown Castle, which claims 40,000 cell towers in the US, is for 15 years. Everynet has a deal with Cellnex Telecom, from 2020, to promote the rollout of LoRaWAN-based IoT networks in Italy, the UK, and Ireland. AT España claims to be the largest provider of wireless comms infrastructure in Spain. A statement said Everynet will work with the firm to “bring innovation, efficiency, and new capabilities to Spanish cities”.

Lawrence Latham, chief executive at Everynet, said: “We worked successfully with American Tower to build the very first national network using Everynet’s technology and business model in Brazil. We are looking forward to working together again through American Tower España to expand the Spanish network and bring value to our customers and the cities where they live.”

Daniel Noguera, chief executive at AT España, said: “At a time when IoT technology is growing in importance and adoption, our partnership with Everynet allows us to support a broad portfolio of IoT solutions in an agile and efficient way. AT España’s nationwide network of sites provides a critical foundation for the emergence of new technologies and innovative digital applications and services in an increasingly connected world.”

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