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Edzcom partners on mission-critical private 5G for emergency services, heavy industry

Finnish industrial networking specialist Edzcom is working with France-based communications software provider Streamwide to bring higher-grade security to mission critical private LTE and 5G networks. It said the partnership will allow it to expand its offering in the ‘critical communications market’.

Streamwide divides its portfolio as mission critical and business critical software. It offers voice-over-IP, LTE and 5G-based push-to-talk, multimedia group comms, ‘advanced telephony system’, and various collaboration tools, digitization and automation of business processes. The pair have worked together for 18 months. 

Cellnex-owned Edzcom said they will combine to meet rising demand for “secure digital solutions for the communication of critical data”, notably from blue light emergency services and heavy industry, where lives and safety are at stake. They will develop and supply critical comms solutions “via a single point of contact”, it said.

A statement said: “Mission-critical and business-critical communications rely on low latency networks as well as a secure, reliable connection as a vital part of its operations… The collaboration addresses these issues by developing end-to-end convergent, secure, and feature-rich communication digitalization solutions that are designed to solve these specific customer needs.”

Valenti Roca, business development director at Edzcom, said: “When looking to expand vertically, it was important for us to collaborate with companies that share the same values, in terms of flexibility, dependability, and commitment to our customers’ needs. Streamwide has one of the best products in the mission critical push-to-talk vertical, and due to their place in the market, it was a natural step to combine our value propositions. 

“Our working relationship started around 18 months ago, on a customer project that required both our expertise. The project was a success, and we found our synergies aligned in all the right areas. It was from this that our partnership was formed, for which we take the best aspects of each company – optimised edge connectivity from Edzcom and digitised software capabilities from Streamwide, to provide the ultimate experience and solutions for our customers.”

Alexandru Ilie, vice president of sales and business development in Europe at Streamwide, said: “Combining with Edzcom allows us to offer services beyond a traditional provider, offering the complete package. We enable our customers to be flexible on the field, while still guaranteeing their data safety. This factor is the cornerstone of our customer relations, and our priority is ensuring its optimization and protection.”

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