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Semtech collaborates on LoRa monitoring solutions for gas utilities

California-based semiconductor maker Semtech has announced it is working with IoT developer and engineering services company Oxit, based in North Carolina, to develop smart energy solutions for LoRaWAN networks. Semtech said it will support Oxit’s “intelligent energy initiatives” by providing LoRa-based low-power wide-area (LPWA) network solutions, to run on LoRaWAN.

The pair are scheduled to appear this week at the ENTELEC Conference & Expo in Houston, Texas, the annual gathering of members of the ENTELEC energy operator member association, including from petroleum, pipeline, natural gas and electric utilities. The event will focus on the developing use of sundry IoT and AI related technologies in the energy market.

Oxit is presenting on how smart utilities will be transformed through IoT in a special presentation. Its work with the LoRa-crowd is focused, as yet, on gas utilities. Oxit offers embedded IoT development, hardware developments, prototyping, and solution design. It has worked variously with the American Red Cross, Ayla Networks, Intertek, Lowe’s, Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments, and Helium, among others.

Ashley Pope, director of operations at Oxit, said: “We invite all those interested in the smart control and monitoring of gas utilities to view our showcase and see how Semtech’s LoRa devices enhance the future of gas safety systems based on LPWA networks.”

Marc Pégulu, vice president of IoT product marketing and strategy in Semtech’s wireless and sensing products group, said: “Our collaboration with Oxit for new smart utilities initiatives continues to highlight the ongoing growth and value of LPWA network connectivity. The ability to collect data quickly and without interruption will usher in a new era of smart gas utilities to continue to provide services safely.”

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