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Telit intros cloud platform for global IoT roaming with all cellular tech

IoT module maker Telit has introduced a new cloud-based platform called Telit NExT to give service providers and enterprise users access to cellular IoT networks in 190 countries. The product, presented as a ‘core network’, taps into roaming agreements with around 600 networks globally, covering both low-power NB-IoT and LTE-M connectivity and traditional 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless services. 5G roaming is also on the cards.

Telit said the new cloud service, for provisioning and managing IoT devices on global cellular networks, will enable faster rollout of IoT services and “always-on” network availability. It called it a “high-availability service, aligned with mission-critical IoT deployment requirements.” The new offer comes with “AWS cloud hybrid backup”, it said. 

Telit claimed “easy-to-use tools” to manage and secure devices. It is offering secured network elements, virtual private networks, private access and access control, network security rules, traffic monitoring, and IMEI-locks to restrict SIM fraud. Users can tweak network performance parameters around speed, quality-of-service, and support in the platform.

The Italy-based firm is offering it in conjunction with its IoT connectivity platform and OPTIMUS AI engine, for managing device statuses and attributes and analysing data usage and automatically assigning SIMs to cost-effective data plans. 

Tomer Lavie, head of connectivity business at Telit, commented: “Reliable, secure, seamless, and cost-effective connectivity is the lifeblood of every commercial, industrial, and consumer IoT deployment. The Telit NExT network enables new business models for packaging and pricing services for quickly rolling out IoT deployments from a few to millions of devices.”

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