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Telenor reorganises group IoT portfolio, product development, tech support

Norway-based telecoms group Telenor has reorganised its regional and international IoT portfolios under a single brand moniker, Telenor IoT. The company has devised a new “operating model” to go alongside, the company said, to synchronise product development, improve technical support, and “accelerate the customer facing business”.

Telenor has brought together its Nordic IoT products in the Nordic region and its Telenor Connexion products in international markets. The company is going to market with the unified portfolio, under the Telenor IoT brand, via its business channels at home and Telenor Connexion abroad. It said the portfolio will be offered, variously, by “IoT specialists” in 18 countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

The new operating model unites 200 full time IoT staff, it said. It claimed “the largest team” of any IoT provider in the Nordic region. “Telenor will act as one united global IoT team with a uniform product portfolio and go-to-market strategy – bringing the best capabilities and competence to every customer,” the company said.

A new Nordic office has been established to combine IoT sales resources in the Nordics; company B2B and IoT veteran Paulo Vergos is leading the new unit. Telenor claims to have 17 million connected devices in more 190-odd countries. It has long-standing enterprise deals with the likes of Volvo, Scania, Verisure, and Hitachi.

Mats Lundquist, chief executive at Telenor Connexion and manager of Telenor IoT, commented: “The new operating model reinforces our competitive edge for the 5G era, and makes our product portfolio easier to buy for any customer searching for world class IoT operation and platform capabilities. We are also getting scale benefits on new technology investments.”

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