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Telia promises global IoT ‘savings’ and ‘simplicity’ with new eSIM solution

Swedish carrier Telia is offering an eSIM-based solution it reckons can save companies about 28 percent on the cost of global IoT roaming. The product allows users to remotely select local SIM profiles in “over” 10 countries on four continents, to take advantage of local IoT connectivity charges.

It also leverages roaming deals with 400-odd operators around the world. Telia is offering a “unique programmable network”, it said, and a cloud platform for enterprises for enterprises to control and manage global IoT data and connectivity in one place. The product, called Telia Global IoT Connectivity, is available now. 

The advertised cost saving on global IoT connectivity, pitched at 28 percent, is from sponsored research by analyst firm Transforma Insights. In a statement, Telia quoted a forecast from the firm that the global IoT market will grow to 24.1 billion devices in 2030, generating $1.5 trillion in annual revenue. 

Its solution is designed to simplify the process of managing more numerous and varied fleets of IoT devices, deployed globally. It called the offer a “game changer” for IoT connectivity.

Björn Hansen, head of IoT at Telia, said: “Customers that need to deploy their solutions globally have to deal with multiple operators and a number of regulatory and taxation issues to stay compliant. When needed, our solution goes beyond roaming and provides local subscriptions in highly regulated markets. Customers can now instantly control what their devices can or cannot access with a network that dynamically adapts to connectivity needs.”

He added: “Enabled by our innovative solution architecture that brings connectivity and data to the cloud, customers will now be able to control and manage the global network of partners and orchestrate data and SMS flows in near real time. It sets the foundation for scaling in hyper speed.”

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