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Private Wireless Podcast – private 4G versus private 5G (episode #4)

Private 4G or 5G? That is the question, it seems, for enterprises looking at private cellular as a springboard for digital transformation. But it is not a straight choice between them, actually: decade-old LTE technology has come a long way, and is advancing still; new 5G technology is just in its infancy, with a way to go yet; and migration between the two should be smooth.

This episode in the Private Wireless Podcast series, brought to you with Nokia, traces the path of private cellular for mission-critical applications backwards to TETRA and GSM-R, through its present-day LTE-based incarnation (along with a pitstop to talk about Nokia’s own 4.9G classification), and forwards through the first 5G installations, just going live, and the promise of ultra-reliable low-latency 5G.

But the key takeaway, in the end, is that private wireless is ready-to-go, and that LTE remains a hugely capable vehicle for Industry 4.0 while 5G builds a head of steam. Enterprise IoT Insights is joined again by Stephane Dauble, head of marketing for enterprise solutions at Nokia. Tune in to catch the full episode; check out previous installments in the Private Wireless Podcast series here.

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