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Private wireless podcast – 2020, the year everything changed (episode #3)

2020; what a year! As society has sought new ways to work amid the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, the telecoms industry has accelerated deployments of cellular-based LTE and 5G in industrial settings. 2020 was the year everything appeared to fall into place.

This episode in the Private Wireless Podcast series, brought to you with Nokia, considers these pieces of the jigsaw, including better availability and flexibility of private network solutions, closer collaboration between IT and OT functions, progressive liberalisation of spectrum in most industrial markets, and rising interest from the operator community.

Where previous episodes have looked at practical choices for enterprises looking to deploy private wireless – check out episode #1 on pricing models, and episode #2 on deployment models – episode #3 plays like a highlights-reel for the year just gone, and discusses the sudden momentum in the industrial market around private wireless. And the highlights have been many and considerable in 2020, even despite such major upheaval in global markets.

Enterprise IoT Insights is joined again by Stephane Dauble, head of marketing for enterprise solutions at Nokia. “Between 2015, when we started on this road, and the end of 2019, Nokia managed to secure around 120 customers for private wireless; that is 120 customers in four years while in 2020. In just nine months in 2020, we have almost doubled that number, to well over 220. It shows how fast things have moved in 2020,” he says.

Tune in to catch the full episode; and thanks for listening, and see you in the new year.

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