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ABB co-develops new digital twin solution for energy and process industries

Swiss engineering conglomerate ABB and French simulation company CORYS have signed a deal to “advance digital twin modeling and simulation technology” across the energy and process industries.

CORYS supplies transportation, power and hydrocarbon simulators. The pair have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for “digital collaboration”, they said. Their new digital twin solution will drive down capital and operational costs and reduce risks for customers, they said.

It will reduce capital expenditure in greenfield projects, by improving the quality of the control applications, reducing the number of late changes, training the operators, and reducing commissioning and projects. It will also work in brownfield sites, where operators can utilize the new digital twin package to build intelligent models and run scenarios to increase performance of plant operations.

This includes improving plant efficiency and availability, as well as reviewing and managing equipment and assets across the plant, enabling maintenance teams to build an effective condition-based maintenance programme.  Customers will be able to validate and test control strategies and production processes, as well as manage changes during the lifecycle of operations.

The pair will make use of ABB’s Ability 800xA Simulator, which offers digital replicas of a plant’s control system, and CORYS’ high-fidelity Indiss Plus process modeling simulator.

Colin Ward, senior vice president of chemicals and refining in ABB’s energy industries division, said: “In today’s economy, our oil, gas and chemical customers are exploring all ways to maximize return on investment in operations. Digital twin modeling and simulation creates more confidence in executing projects – reducing cost, schedule and risk – and helps operators identify and understand improvement opportunities across an asset’s complete lifecycle.”

Charles Rosmorduc, chief executive at CORYS, said: “We are proud to enter into this strategic partnership to develop and integrate CORYS’ products with ABB allowing our mutual clients to improve safety and operational efficiency.”

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