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Private Wireless Podcast – private LTE and 5G deployment models (episode #2)

In the second episode of the new Private Wireless Podcast series, Enterprise IoT Insights talks with Nokia about the key issues for enterprises looking to deploy private wireless solutions to drive digital change.

Stephane Daeuble, head of marketing for Nokia’s enterprise solutions division, maps out the emerging landscape, covering types of coverage, for both standalone premises and distributed properties, as well as types of solutions, including fully-autonomous private networks, plug-and-play as-a-service setups, and 5G slices of public networks. 
He also discusses the myriad array of suppliers in this new enterprise market, going from the traditional telecoms set, via new breeds of solution providers, through to system integrators and cloud hyper-scalers. Plus, in the background, we keep site of the defining issue of spectrum availability, as a clincher for many of these other decisions around the supply and design of private wireless solutions. 
This episode covers a lot of ground, stopping on many of the issues that are animating the sector – and which make private wireless so exciting to write and talk about. 

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