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Edzcom and Signify team up on private Li-Fi and 5G combo for industry

Finnish private networking and edge computing specialist Edzcom has signed a deal with Netherlands-based lighting company Signify to offer Li-Fi based solutions combining two-way wireless infrared and visible light connectivity for industrial IoT applications to its customers in the manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, ports and logistics, mining, and oil and gas industries.

The arrangement is for Signify’s Li-Fi portfolio, which goes under the brand Trulifi. Edzcom will supplement its standard offer of industrial LTE and 5G connectivity with Li-Fi based sensor solutions. Edzcom owns spectrum at 2.6 GHz and 450 MHz in Finland, and has been a key partner for Nokia in its pursuit of industrial networking contracts.

Li-Fi uses infrared and visible light waves to enable reliable and secure two-way wireless communication at speeds far above most conventional wireless technologies. It offers immunity to interference, unlike conventional radio technologies such as Wi-Fi and 4G/5G, said Edzcom.

Li-Fi has peaked the interest of the industrial set. It fixes the common “shortcomings” of 5G for industrial IoT, according to the Industrial Internet Consortium. “A combination of 5G and light-based Li-Fi… resolves most of the shortcomings of radio-based wireless communications. This combination looks very promising for making industrial IoT connectivity a reality,” it told Enterprise IoT Insights recently.

Signify claims to have implemented Li-Fi in more than 150 projects worldwide. The pair will work together on “ideation to scaling up [of] industrialized solutions that are globally applicable,” they said. A shortened version of the press statement says Signify brings the wares, and Edzcom brings the means (the sales channels) to popularise a 5G / Li-Fi combo in industry.

Edzcom, formerly Ukkoverkot, recently acquired by Spanish tower company Cellnex, has 27 private LTE networks in the Nordic region, including with port equipment suppliers Konecranes, Sandvik, Finavia, and Steveco, the Finnish ports of Oulu, Kokkola, and HaminaKotka, Finnish state rail company VR Group, and the Finnish Defense Forces. It claims more private networking contracts in the Nordic region than any other company.

It has recently announced a private LTE deal with Danish engineering firm Danfoss at its factory in Vaasa, in the northwest of Finland. The arrangement also involves Finnish systems integrator Etteplan, and, like many of the above-mentioned deals, country-mate Nokia. Edzcom is engaged with Nokia on its work with the mining division of Sandvik in Finland, also, announced earlier this week.

Mikko Uusitalo, chief executive at EDZCOM, said: “Signify’s Trulifi is an innovative form of wireless communication that will broaden the scope of business-critical operations solutions we offer to our global customer base. Trulifi complements Edzcom’s offering by providing fast and secure fixed hot spot communication links.”

Olivia Qiu, chief innovation officer at Signify, said: “Combining Trulifi and EDZCOM’s strengths and capabilities will benefit industries that heavily rely on the cluttered radio spectrum for data communications. Trulifi can help to offload conventional radio technologies and offers reliable, secure and high-speed network connectivity where it’s needed.”

(Image: Ericsson)
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