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Semtech, AWS issue all-in-one dev-kits for LoRa-based asset tracking, smart buildings

Semtech is offering new developer kits for LoRa-based asset tracking and smart building applications that integrate with IoT services from Amazon Web Services (AWS). California-based software firm Tensor IoT is also involved, providing cloud applications to connect LoRa sensors to AWS services. The asset tracking and smart building kits are geared towards the utilities, cities, logistics, retail and healthcare markets.

Semtech, which licences the low-power wide-area (LPWA) LoRA networking technology to IoT device makers to run in LoRaWAN based IoT systems, said developers will be able to leverage key AWS IoT services to “accelerate the pilot-to-production lifecycle” of asset tracking and smart building applications. The new reference kits are the first LoRaWAN-based ‘vertical’ product offerings to be built using AWS IoT Core and a serverless architecture.

Further sectors will be addressed in due course, said Semtech. They enable application developers and systems integrators to make use of AWS / Amazon services including API Gateway, Lambda, CloudFront, Simple Storage Service (S3), DynamoDB, IoT Gateway and IoT Device Shadow. The kits also provide “out-of-the-box” AWS-based cloud dashboard capabilities, described as “largely serverless from the ground up”.

Large-scale IoT deployments can make advantage of the significant cloud-based storage, compute and software resources available afforded by AWS, said Semtech.

The asset tracking kit allows users to locate outdoor assets around a specific location, including performing a regular automated inventory of assets that are available on site. Mapping and analytics is available in the dashboard facility. The smart building kit allows users to monitor doors and windows, desk and room presence, environmental conditions and detect water intrusion in near-real time accessible via the cloud.

Michael MacKenzie, general manager of IoT connect and control at AWS, said: “LPWA networking technologies represent a rapidly growing frontier of connectivity choices for IoT. Hundreds of millions of constrained devices are being connected to solve real world challenges in every vertical. These devices need to be able to communicate through multiple levels of concrete for smart structures or over miles of distance in remote telemetry cases while running on tiny batteries that last 10+ years. With companies like Semtech, AWS IoT Core customers are delivering LPWAN solutions using LoRa without sacrificing scalability, availability or security.”

Alistair Fulton, general manager of Semtech’s wireless and sensing products group, said: “LoRa has been implemented in a variety of industries ranging from smart home and community to asset tracking and smart buildings. Our collaboration with AWS shows that LoRa devices are connected everywhere and LoRa is the de facto platform for IoT LPWAN applications.”

Ravi Raghunathan, chief executive at TensorIoT, said: “The asset tracking and the smart building kits are a perfect example of how TensorIoT is working with AWS and Semtech to provide best-in-class IoT solutions leveraging highly scalable AWS services. We are extremely delighted that our customers are able to go from proof-of-concept to production on these solutions rapidly due to the scalable nature of the implementation on AWS.”

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