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New MIOTY management platform brings integration with Azure, AWS, Cumulocity

BehrTech has released the latest version of its MYTHINGS Central network and device management platform for MIOTY-based low-power wide-area IoT networks. The 3.0 version includes backend integration with Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Cumulocity, as well as with other third-party applications and IoT platforms including Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator.

MYTHINGS Central is designed for customers to connect, configure, and manage MIOTY-based IoT sensors. MIOTY (a portmanteau of MY IOT) uses the recent telegram-splitting ultra-narrowband (TS-UNB) specification from the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), developed to replace the Wireless Meter Bus (M-Bus) standard that has underpinned smart metering in Europe, as well as in certain markets in Asia and Latin America.  

The technology affords improved performance compared with rival LPWA technologies, including LoRaWAN and NB-IoT, plus narrowband Sigfox, according to its authors. A band of research organisations and industrial companies have recently formed the MIOTY Alliance to promote MIOTY as an alternative to these better-established LPWA technologies. 

Toronto-based BehrTech is the first to licence MIOTY, and is promoting a MYTHINGS family of plug-in IoT tools, “with API-driven design”, to solution vendors and system integrators for IoT applications like infrastructure and facility management, asset monitoring, environmental monitoring and predictive maintenance. 

MYTHINGS Central features a flexible MQTT interface, alongside cloud connectors for Azure, AWS, and Cumulocity. BehrTech said its new plugin architecture enables customers to easily integrate with external systems, third-party applications and IoT platforms. All components are built using Docker containers to give customers the flexibility to build, test, and deploy IoT networks according to their own needs.

Wolfgang Thieme, chief technology officer and co-founder at BehrTech, commented: “MYTHINGS Central is a holistic network management tool designed to give our customers the most flexibility and control over their IoT network architecture from end to end. Its modular and vendor independent design provides the ease and global interoperability customers need to build, operate and scale a secure IoT workflow from any endpoint to the network.”

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