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Qualcomm offers ‘plug-and-play’ smart cities package on a subscription

Qualcomm is working with Maryland-based systems integrator Infinite Computer Solutions to offer a ‘plug-and-play’ smart cities package on a subscription.

The pair claim to have compiled an “end-to-end” IoT solution for sundry players in the smart cities space, including government, healthcare, construction, entertainment, transportation, manufacturing, retail, and logistics.

The new as-a-service proposition connects members of Qualcomm’s smart cities accelerator programme, launched last year, via Infinite’s ‘intelligent engagement platform’, called Zyter SmartSpaces.

The idea is to present a one-stop-shop for disparate organisations in the ‘smart cities’ bubble to access a “streamlined, full suite of offerings that address the complexities around developing secure, smart, connected spaces across vertical industries, worldwide,” said Qualcomm.

Qualcomm’s smart cities accelerator is designed to connect municipalities, government agencies, and enterprises with an ecosystem of providers, selling Qualcomm-based solutions, to help deliver efficiencies, cost savings, safety and sustainability.

Infinite is offering systems integration into the bargain, in the form of the Zyter SmartSpaces platform. Qualcomm said the partnership will leverage the firm’s “expertise in platforms that support digital transformation, security, user experience, analytics, collective intelligence, and artificial intelligence”.

It said the pair will foster the “rapid development, deployment, and lower cost” of smart cities, and offer a “complete dashboard with central control and a command management system”.

Jeffery Torrance, vice president of IoT business development at Qualcomm, commented: “The challenges governments face as they try to make their cities smarter are often large and complex, and when combined with the fragmentation common in the IoT space, they can be extremely difficult to overcome.

“Our off-the-shelf IoT platform is designed to provide a connectivity fabric and alleviate the enormous burden of sourcing, developing and integrating a variety of different and disparate technologies along with the cost effective means to manage and monetise their IoT solutions.”

Sanjay Govil, chairman and founder of Infinite, said: “The combined strength of Qualcomm’s extensive smart cities network and the Zyter SmartSpaces platform will provide an effective, modular, secure and versatile solution to meet smart space management needs across all industries, globally.”

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