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LG U+, LG Electronics join initiative to boost AI in South Korea

AI One Team focused on collaborative R&D activities

Korean companies LG Electronics and LG U+ have joined the AI One Team, an industry-academic consultative body formed by compatriot companies with the aim of developing artificial intelligence in the Asian country.

This week, Koran telecommunications operator KT announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with LG Electronics and LG U+ to to boost the development of the artificial intelligence field in the country

AI One Team was launched in February this year with the aim of making Korea one of the most developed nations in terms of artificial intelligence technology. It consists of five companies and organizations including KT, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, Hanyang University, KAIST and ETRI.

LG Electronics and LG U+ will work together with participating companies and organizations to contribute to solving social issues based on AI capacity, strengthening AI capabilities through sharing of technologies and experiences, creating business results through improving AI competitiveness in products, services, and solutions, and establishing an AI talent development platform that connects industries, academia and research institutions.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, which has emerged as a global issue beyond Korea, KT’s communication data and know-how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases will be combined with LG U+’s communication and roaming data. Furthermore, efforts will be made to use LG Electronics’ products and AI technology to create a new model for preventing the spread of infectious diseases and risks from a new perspective. In addition to infectious diseases such as COVID-19, the AI One Team will utilize AI to solve social problems such as environmental pollution and industrial safety.

With the addition of LG Electronics and LG U+ to KT and Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, AI One Team is also planning to boost AI capabilities in more diverse industrial areas, including smart appliances and smart devices, smart ships, manufacturing and robots. LG Electronics is studying various AI fields such as deep learning, algorithm, reinforcement learning, edge computing, and data analysis at its AI R&D bases in Seoul, Silicon Valley and Toronto.The company is expected to enhance synergy of AI One Team.

Lee Sang-min, vice president of LG U+’s FC division, said, “We will make bold cooperation to enhance competitiveness of AI technologies in Korea and innovate customer experiences. We will do our best to find new AI businesses that are globally competitive by discussing ways to cooperate with AI in the post-COVID-19 era.”

Jeon Hong-beom, vice president of KT’s AI/DX business division, said, “We expect that cooperation of AI One Team will accelerate with the joining of LG Electronics and LG U+, which have extraordinary capabilities in AI field.” “KT will work with AI One Team to strengthen national competitiveness based on AI, resolve social issues such as COVID-19, and make efforts to ensure a convenient and safe life for the people,” the executive added.


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