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Las Vegas and Chicago use camera-based AI to enforce parking and traffic regulations

The City of Las Vegas is to pay $1.58 million over five years for a range of camera-based artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to automate the enforcement of parking and traffic regulations.

Australian AI provider SenSen Networks has won the five-year contract, which covers the purchase of two vehicle-mounted mobile parking enforcement units, and licenses for 80 smartphone-based parking enforcement apps.

Chicago Parking Meters in the city of Chicago has also signed with SenSen Networks. The Las Vegas deal is the biggest contract the company has signed with a single customer.

SenSen Networks’ SenFORCE mobile unit is a camera-based AI solution that fits into a rooftop luggage box on city-owned vehicles, and claims centimetre-accurate GPS and real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning, and identifies wrongly parked vehicles.

It also monitors traffic behaviour against road signage to identify breaches related to usage of bus lanes, clearways, and no-parking zones; the solution can be optimised, also, to check for illegal dumping on roadsides.

The company’s road enforcement app, Gemineye, offers more limited functionality, but is smartphone-based, and portable. The solution will augment and replace the work of regular parking attendants in the city.

SenSen Networks said it will earn a total of $1.58 million over the five-year term of the contract, including $397,600 for the systems and software, paid by August 2020, plus $19,781 per month for 60 months over five years ($237,380 per annum; $1.187 million for the contract) for the software licence, hardware maintenance, and other support services.

Las Vegas has a population of around 650,000, and around two million in the larger Las Vegas metropolitan area.

Subhash Challa, chief executive at SenSen Networks, commented: “This is a major milestone for our business in the US. We expect operations will continue to grow as more and more forward-thinking cities seek Smart City intelligent transportation solutions.”

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