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Sigfox Germany bolsters portfolio with new range of smart building IoT sensors

Sigfox Germany has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of a range of sensors from Finnish IoT firm Connected Inventions.

The new range includes sensors for monitoring dust, temperature, humidity, CO2, and motion. Connected Inventions, is the hardware arm of Sigfox operators Connected Finland, based out of Espoo, in Finland. Connected Finland also runs the Sigfox’s ‘0G’ network in the Baltic region, headquartered in Estonia.

As such, the arrangement, which covers a bunch of sensors, plus the Finnish firm’s FoxerIoT sensor cloud platform, appears like an in-house deal. But Sigfox Germany – one of the few Sigfox-owned operations (along with Sigfox networks in France, Spain, and the US) – said the deal will spur “digitisation of the German economy”.

Connected Inventions produces temperature and humidity measuring devices for room monitoring in smart buildings, either exclusively or in combination with heating, air conditioning and ventilation technologies. They are also designed to work with refrigeration technology, in cold rooms, refrigerators and refrigerated counters, and in refrigerated vehicles and ships.

They have been used variously in Sigfox projects with Finnish smart buildings management companies Leanheat and Caverion, as well as Finnish postal service provider Posti. Leanheat is owned by Danish industrialist Danfoss. Caverion has been closely involved with state-owned Finnish energy company Fortum.

Elena Sztochay, director of solution sales at Sigfox Germany, said: “The cooperation with sensor manufacturers such as Connected Inventions is an important component for us in expanding the range of solutions offered by Sigfox Germany, with which we will drive forward the digitisation of the German economy.

“They form the decisive foundation for IoT projects, which we implement on a turnkey basis together with system integrators. This allows our customers to concentrate fully on their core competencies and leave digitisation to a team of experts who do nothing else but search for and implement the best solution for customers on a daily basis.”

Kushtrim Xhakli, director IoT solutions at Connected Inventions, said: “Germany is a very large and therefore extremely important growth market for Connected Inventions. Being listed with the German operator of the Sigfox 0G network means a lot to us, as it will certainly help us to continue our dynamic growth.”

Connected Inventions says its sensors are cheap, and designed for long-term maintenance-free measurement. Batteries should last between five to 10 years, and cloud management and sensor integration is designed to be user-friendly, whether for dozens or thousands.

They can be offered, as well, with integrated CO2 sensors to control air conditioning and ventilation systems, sensors to monitor for volatile organic compounds that can be produced by microorganisms and fungi, and particle sensors to monitor air purity in operating theatres and for use of exhaust air technology for decontamination.

The portfolio also includes an air pressure differential meter, a motion detector and a multifunction meter for connecting sensors that operate with pulse frequencies or discrete on/off circuits in the voltage range of 0-10 V and 4-20 mA.

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