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LoRa Alliance opens device certification programme to non-members

The LoRa Alliance has announced a certification programme for affiliate non-members to obtain LoRaWAN device certification.

The new $10,000 affiliate programme covers full protocol testing, including of interoperability and radio performance. It will increase the volume and variety certified LoRaWAN devices available in the market, it said.

Donna Moore, chief executive and chair of the LoRa Alliance, commented “LoRaWAN Certification is more important than ever to ensure that end-users implement devices that meet all technical and security standards.

“We are offering an additional path to enable rapid certification of products. While we believe membership in the LoRa Alliance remains the best and most affordable path to certification, this ensures that all companies have access to certification if membership is not an option.”

The scheme allows any device manufacturer to certify products for dependability, interoperability and security. It costs $10,000 per annum, compared with $6,000 for members; certificates cost an additional $1,000 per device for non-members.

Affiliates get use of a pre-certification tool (LCTT) to test products at their own facilities prior to sending to an authorised test house. A single license for the LCTT is included in the annual fee; affiliates have the right to purchase additional licenses.

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