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SAP recruits startups for Industry 4.0 foundries in Singapore, Tokyo and Berlin

SAP has announced a trio of Industry 4.0 initiatives in Singapore, Tokyo, and Berlin to help startups integrate with its solutions and customers.

The programmes are run by so-called ‘foundry’ setups in each market, organized by SAP.iO, the company’s early-stage venture arm. In each case, a cohort of startup companies has been drafted in to develop technologies around SAP’s S/4HANA platform and various digital supply chain solutions.

Five companies are involved with the Singapore Foundry, six with the Tokyo Foundry, and six with the Berlin Foundry, variously engaged with analytics, robotics, automation in industrial production, logistics, and supply chain operations. All of the programmes kick off with demo days in early June.

Rachel Barger, president and managing director for SAP in Southeast Asia, commented: “Singapore has developed a vibrant startup ecosystem and is the gateway to the ASEAN region. SAP continually partners with other solution providers, including startups in Singapore, to help organizations unlock value with the latest Industry 4.0 technologies.”

Hirofumi Suzuki, managing director of SAP in Japan, said: “In Japan, SAP is helping organizations transform and grow in this digital era of increasingly connected ecosystem, new technologies and shifts in customer mind-sets. This program will help our customers greatly expand the value of Industry 4.0.”

Thomas Saueressig, member of the board for SAP’s product engineering team, commented: “SAP is committed to our customers’ successes, and innovation and collaboration are key to this commitment. We see this program as an important step in accelerating SAP’s Industry 4. Now initiative with new and innovative solutions, which capture and integrate data into business processes to drive outcomes.”

Meanwhile, SAP is running foundries for startups developing technologies for human resources and retail in Paris and New York, respectively.

The Paris setup will recruit eight HR technology startups to work with five SAP customers, to collaborate around technical integration guidance, curated mentorship, and SAP technologies.

Sébastien Gibier, director of the SAP.iO Foundry in Paris, said. “Digital capabilities and new ways of working are shaking up companies and HR departments. To remain attractive, companies today are looking to create a unique end-to-end employee experience. This is the first time that we have mobilized these many customers to engage with startups from the beginning of the program. It presents a unique opportunity for companies to create new experiences for their employees.”

The New York facility will recruit nine early-stage enterprise startups. SAP has specified these will be led by “women and/or diverse entrepreneurs”. They will work to create innovative customer experiences and provide new business insights for brands and retailers, said SAP.

Vanessa Liu, head of SAP.iO Foundries North America, commented: “New York City is one of the most important retail markets in the world, and a leader in e-commerce. These exceptional startups are furthering retail innovation in our ecosystem and creating significant value for SAP’s customers. Supported by the SAP.iO No Boundaries initiative, and as testament to SAP’s belief that a healthy ecosystem includes entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, all startups in our New York cohort are founded or led by women and diverse entrepreneurs.”

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