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New York tech partnership focuses on smart cities


Empire State Development announced the launch of the Smart Cities Innovation Partnership program in collaboration with the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA).

The program will designate up to five smart cities to connect with technology companies and academic experts throughout New York state, using emerging technologies to improve government services and resident quality of life.

Empire State Development (ESD) will provide up to $1 million in funding and the Israel Innovation Authority will contribute up to $1 million in additional funding for Israeli companies delivering projects in New York.

The program will officially launch this month, with educational outreach and formal solicitations of interest from New York localities. Once cities are selected, interested companies will be able to submit technological concepts and solutions to help them tackle their specific challenges, with a strong focus on startups in New York State and Israel.

Chosen municipalities will designate physical or virtual sites to pilot new technologies aimed at improving public services. Beginning in the summer, companies will be able to submit proposals that solve the locally-identified problems and opportunities within each chosen city, with IIA driving interest and submissions from industry-leading Israeli companies. By the end of 2020, projects will be chosen for funding and will be implemented in the municipalities in 2021.

Through this partnership, New York and Israeli companies will be supported in testing, piloting, and scaling qualified technologies in New York, with facilitated access to top technology incubators, accelerators, and industry leaders operating in New York’s diverse regions, the organizations said.

“Smart cities provide the opportunity to help municipalities deliver better programs and services to residents while expanding innovative industries that use technology for social impact,” said Empire State Development Acting Commissioner and President & CEO-designate Eric Gertler said. “I look forward to selecting New York’s smart cities and helping them solve their pressing local challenges while creating investment and jobs in the New York economy.”

Israel Innovation Authority CEO Aharon Aharon said, “The Israel Innovation Authority is honored to support the Israeli companies that will play an important role in improving government services and quality of life for New York residents. We appreciate the Governor’s commitment to Israel and look forward to strengthening our technological ties with New York.”


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