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OSIsoft reworks PI System for data streaming from distributed energy resources

OSIsoft has reworked its PI System for the energy sector to plug-in, process, and manage data streaming from distributed energy resources. It has picked up a couple of new contracts, as well.

The company said the new architecture supports a “community system of data”, enabling suppliers, consumers, and service providers to share data, while “maintaining security, reliability, and ease of interconnection to millions of systems.”

OSIsoft highlighted new supplier contracts with Texas-based Artemis Energy Services, around usage of blockchain in the electric grid, and with California-based DERNetSoft, for cities and communities to effectively engage with utilities and distributed energy providers.

It said the “community system approach” allows utilities to securely interact with grid edge devices, such as batteries, solar inverters, and electric vehicle chargers in real time, and stabilize the electric grid, while also allowing a transaction system to track, settle, and manage compliance with the market.

“Our real-time data infrastructure is helping to enable this efficient new marketplace by helping to realize the full potential of distributed energy resources,” it said.

Patrick Kennedy, chief executive and founder of OSIsoft, said: “Creating a community data system that allows both the operational and transaction systems access to distributed energy resources will rapidly create new value in the energy value chain.”

The deal with Artemis Energy Services, part of Artemis Technology Group, is for development of a “real-time” blockchain solution to improve grid efficiency and utilization and create a marketplace for individuals supplying privately owned renewables back into the grid, as well as for regulatory and operational authorities.

The companies will work together to track, trace, and trade energy using blockchain to optimize the electric grid, they said, citing 20 per cent gains in grid efficiency and utilization from field trials, and potential to reduce the need for new fossil-based energy sources and grid upgrades.

Amanda Martinez, chief executive and co-founder of Artemis Energy Services, said: “The mission of Artemis Energy Services is to enable the efficient integration, operation, and transactional management of distributed energy resources to reduce utility costs to customers, while we continue to green our energy portfolios.

“Our partnership with OSIsoft allows us to build upon the excellent foundation of operational data they’ve built over the last 40 years and enable these data streams into a new future of digital energy in a secure and transparent market system.”

Kennedy said: “Data transparency and security is vitally important. Leveraging blockchain technology allows us to provide customers with the tools to participate in this ever-changing energy landscape.”

The parallel deal with DERNetSoft will see it integrate with PI System to create an “energy marketplace for cities and communities to scale adoption and integration of distributed energy resources,” they said. The solution will combine OSIsoft’s community data system and DERNetSoft’s cloud-based AI platform as a “replicable and scalable” DER data management interface for cities and communities.

Alberto Colombo, founder and president at DERNetSoft, said: “Achieving the desired clean energy goals of the future requires successful integration of distributed energy technology. However, this integration is not just a matter of technology, policy or finance. It can only be achieved if we provide effective and easy-to-use tools to simplify the complexities that surround distributed energy resourcess, their interconnection, and market participation.”

Kennedy said: “The DERNetSoft platform will be integrating with the OSIsoft PI System to help end-use customers engage and participate in a cleaner and more reliable distributed energy future.”

Meanwhile, OSIsoft has signed with chemicals company Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation to deploy OSIsoft’s PI System across its operations.

The initial phase of the agreement will enable Mitsubishi Chemical to improve safety and optimize maintenance costs by leveraging real-time data for at selected plants, said OSIsoft. The goal is to use real-time data to improve operations at existing and new facilities.

Takayuki Aoyama, senior manager at Mitsubishi Chemicals DX Promotion Group, commented: “The value is not only the unlimited use of licenses, but also the advanced support that accelerates training, development, utilization, and product development.”

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