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IIC intros industrial IoT match-making to connect tech buyers with tech sellers

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) has introduced a new pilot programme called Industry Connect Service (ICS) to connect enterprises seeking digital change with experts in the field.

It works like a industrial IoT dating service to connect tech buyers with tech vendors, to explore bespoke solutions to awkward and abstract digital-change problems.

It said the experts, pulled from IIC members, will be able to advise on the technological and cultural aspects of digital transformation in industry. The IIC told Enterprise IoT Insights in November the so-called ‘fourth industrial revolution’ is a marathon and not a sprint, and will take years.

However, it suggeted the market has moved beyond proving technologies to proving the value of them. It is organizing a number of ‘test beds’ and ‘test drives’ to drive uptake of industrial IoT solutions; the new ICS programme is a part of this broader initiative.

It commented: “Technology users seeking to scale existing proofs of concept or to identify requirements for industry standards now have a direct path to engage with the IIC through the ICS.”

It said: “They are invited to work with the IIC to guide the connection to the proper experts within the IIC membership ecosystem to identify problems and possible solutions, opportunities for development and proofs of concepts with testbeds and test drives, and to define requirements for their industry.”

Howard Kradjel, vice president for industry programmes at IIC, said: “IIC member experts have developed best practices, guidelines and frameworks and have applied these resources across many industries. Their knowledge and insight can help technology users transform their businesses. We look forward to the projects the ICS will bring to our ecosystem and the opportunity for our membership to deliver direct value to technology users.”

Users can submit their requirements to the IIC membership where members have the opportunity to identify solutions; the landing page for enquiries is here.

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