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Rocky Mountain Power appoints Itron to upgrade smart grid capabilities

IoT system provider Itron has signed a deal with Rocky Mountain Power to deploy new smart meters and smart grid capabilities. The electric company, serving customers in Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming, will get a real-time read on grid devices and operations, said Itron. 

Rocky Mountain Power is taking Itron’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution, called OpenWay Riva IoT, in Idaho, initially. The company already takes an automated meter reading (AMR) solution from Itron in Utah, which will also be into the new AMI network, to extend the life of previous assets and investments.  

Itron’s operations centre software, called OpenWay, will bring together data and analytics between its metering devices in the field and grid management systems in the office. The package will go to improve service reliability and reduce costs, bringing capabilities in outage detection, meter-to-transformer mapping and meter temperature monitoring, said Itron. 

Mark de Vere White, senior vice president of commercial and customer enablement at Itron, commented: “Rocky Mountain Power will be equipped to systematically and continuously evaluate the status of grid devices and report insights in real time. We are thrilled to help Rocky Mountain Power take the next step in their smart grid migration.”

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