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Libelium pivots to go from IoT hardware provision to IoT systems integration

Spanish IoT hardware maker Libelium has announced a new strategy to expand its offer to include integrated hardware, software and systems.

The company said at IoT Solutions World Congress 2019 in Barcelona it is moving into consultancy mode in order to capture more complex IoT business, having served the burgeoning IoT market with keenly sourced hardware solutions for more than a decade already.

Alicia Asín (pictured), chief executive at Libelium, said: “The market is evolving towards projects that require increasingly specific, precise and high quality technology. For this reason, we are moving forward by directing all our experience and knowledge as device manufacturers towards strategic consulting in order to offer customers the solutions they demand, either with products from our catalog or with integration from third parties.”

In Barcelona this week, a few hours west of the company’s headquarters in Zaragoza, Libelium showed smart cities applications for water quality management, smart parking, smartphone detection, and air quality monitoring, alongside smart farming solutions for crop and farm management, and factory solutions for tracking and safety.

It said it will lean on its ecosystem of partners, developed over a decade in the business of sensing and sense-making, and grouped more recently in its IoT Marketplace, to develop and consult on bespoke IoT solutions for these markets. The sector at large has focused on ‘lower-hanging fruit’, said Asín, and is required to capture a broader and deeper share of enterprise operations.

Look out for a full interview with Asín from IoT Solutions World Congress 2019 in the next weeks.

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