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Deutsche Telekom launches blockchain trading platform for German enterprises

Deutsche Telekom has launched a blockchain marketplace for German enterprises. The new German blockchain ecosystem (GBE) will enable customers to “map” different applications using blockchain.

The service, from Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems, will allow businesses to map a product’s entire supply chain in a distributed ledger system, from raw materials to delivery. Businesses will be able to buy and sell goods and services directly, making operations faster and more transparent, it said.

The GBE marketplace supports all distributed ledger technology (DLT) protocols, providing supply chain companies with a common read and write authorisation. Network participants, so-called ‘validators’, check and store data in a distributed ledger.

The first product on the GBE marketplace will be a validator-as-a-service solution, allowing cross-company processes to be checked and processed via a blockchain infrastructure. The service is available to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations.

Adel Al Saleh, chief executive at T-Systems, said: “The initial hype around blockchain has blown over. No one doubts that this technology can open up new, decentralized business models.” 

Urging developers to “come forward” with application ideas, Al Aaleh suggested the use of blockchain in the supply chain creates an ‘internet of value’. He said: “Together, we can pave the way for the internet of values. Best of all, companies no longer have to rely on central platform providers of major marketplaces.”

The GBE platform integrates all major cloud providers.

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