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ZTE takes part in 5G-based smart factory project in China


ZTE and China Telecom assisted Australian firm Bluetron in commissioning what they claim is China’s first 5G Standalone site, which put 5G slicing, edge computing and smart manufacturing into trial to help Bluetron build a new 5G smart factory.

In order to meet data requirements of industrial production, the Zhejiang Branch of China Telecom, ZTE and Bluetron developed an integrated solution of 5G slicing, edge computing, and intelligent manufacturing.

“This solution realizes rapid deployment of machine vision slicing and fast backhaul of video streams by adopting key technologies such as, slicing stores, wireless slicing perception, end-to-end slicing security isolation, dynamic slice migration, UPF moving to edge, and UPF offloading,” ZTE said in a release. “These slices can reduce the latency, jitter, and packet loss rate of video data transmission, guarantee the bandwidth and quality of video transmission and improve the accuracy and real-time performance of video analysis results.”

The Chinese vendor also highlighted that this solution is applicable to wireless data collection and operation monitoring scenarios, allowing operators to avoid on-site processes in harsh environments, thereby reducing the labor intensity and security risks of operators. Industrial cameras and edge computing gateways are deployed on the production line to replace monitoring instruments.

The industrial cameras take a video of the feed inlet and upload the stream to the MEC through the uplink 5G slice. After calculating and analyzing the images, the MEC will automatically notify the classifier and raises an alarm in case of any abnormal image. The solution can also be used in enterprise scenarios, such as visual analysis of the bearer flow, device data collection, personnel security management and remote device maintenance, ZTE added.

“Committed to continuous technological innovation, ZTE works with operators and industry partners to explore the cooperation mode of the edge cloud and build an edge ecosystem together to comprehensively promote the commercial use of the MEC edge cloud and jointly promote the flourishing of 5G edge services,” said Chen Xinyu, general manager of ZTE’s telecom cloud and core network product line.

ZTE has so far obtained 25 commercial 5G contracts in Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East and Africa.

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