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São Paulo utility seeks to stop 40% water losses with smart metering from Itron

The Department of Water and Sewage (DAE) of Americana in São Paulo, Brazil, will deploy smart meters and management solutions from Itron to stem water losses from 80,000 water and sewage connections. It is also seeking to gain closer insight of the performance of its systems with the solution. 

DAE Americana reports losses of up to 40 per cent of its water, as it stands. The deal with Itron will see it install residential and volumetric meters smart meters across DAE Americana’s water and sewage system, starting with areas with the highest leak rates in the city. 

The data management platform will bring visibility and control, via analytics and dashboards, enabling the utility to adjust to measure water, adjust pressure and improve system awareness to mitigate water loss. Itron said DAE Americana will be in position to manage “apparent and real water losses” with the platform

Carlos Cezar Zappia, managing director of DAE, said: “We are committed to improving our customer’s quality of life. Itron’s solution will equip us to monitor water loss and meet our loss reduction goals… We are pioneering the future of water management for our region.”

Meanwhile, Itron has signed a global reseller agreement with TerraGo Technologies. The pair will offer an Itron-branded version of the TerraGo’s streetlight management solution, called Streetlight.Vision:GO (SLV:GO). 

SLV:GO, integrated with Itron’s own street-lighting management platform (called SLV), provides app-based planning, installation and maintenance tools to help cities deploy and manage smart street lighting. Itron claims 500-odd communities use its platform to control three million-odd smart devices.

Itai Dadon, director of smart cities and IoT at Itron, commented: “Intelligent streetlights enable cities and utilities to unlock efficiencies while building a foundation for smart city services. By bundling TerraGo’s solution with SLV, we can accelerate smart street lighting deployments to realize benefits faster and make the smart city network available sooner.”

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