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News in brief: Schneider’s hospital twins; LoRaWAN test centres; Lighting giants combine

Schneider Electric and ThoughtWire combine digital twins for hospitals

French firm Schneider Electric is partnering with Canadian IoT platform provider ThoughtWire on data integration and digital twins for the healthcare sector. Schneider Electric will leverage ThoughtWire’s digital twin solution to offer facilities managers in the sector a data model of a hospital’s building systems, clinical and IT systems, IoT devices, workflows and people.

In July, ThoughtWire’s PrecisionHub application gives facilities managers visibility into energy usage and fault detection, and enables automated adjustment of building controls. It establishes a ‘digital twin’ of the building that unites data streams in a single control plane, with details about the building’s ‘health’ and workflows. 

The pair are seeking to bridge data silos between healthcare departments, to join together data from a variety of systems. “There is very little connectivity between facilities management and clinical operations, yet patients and clinicians increasingly require a more seamless experience,” said ThoughtWire in a statement.

Their joint solution will seek to hurdle these “roadblocks” so the sector can better orchestra facilities management and clinical workflow operations.

Mike Sullivan, president of Schneider Electric’s building segment, said: “This partnership will further help Schneider Electric’s customers transform their hospitals and improve the lives of patients, clinicians, and staff.”

Mike Monteith, chief executive at ThoughtWire, said: “We’ve been working with our customers in healthcare for the past 10 years to orchestrate data from across critical clinical systems, OT systems, IoT devices, to build a real-time digital twin that makes it easier for clinicians to have full visibility into patient needs and the entire hospital workflow.” 

He added: “We’ve seen a need to connect aspects of building infrastructure like energy and environmental data to provide these insights about the care environment back to facilities teams.”

Germany-based inspection and product certification company TÜV Rheinland has opened an authorised LoRaWAN test house in India. Inspection firm DEKRA, also from Germany, will also offer LoRaWAN certification testing in India by the end of the year, as well.

New LoRaWAN test centres to accelerate Indian IoT

Companies seeking to certify LoRaWAN devices in India will be able to do so with greater efficiency, saving time and money by to having to ship devices internationally, said the LoRa Alliance.

The LoRa Alliance has also confirmed its  LoRaWAN certification test tool (LCTT), introduced in June, is now available to LoRa Alliance members globally. LoRa Alliance members can utilise the LCTT before engaging in the certification process, further accelerating development roadmaps and timelines, it said.

Donna Moore, chief executive and chairwoman at the LoRa Alliance, said: “Certification is critical to successful implementation and project outcomes. This is why the LoRa Alliance only promotes LoRaWAN certified devices –– those that have passed our comprehensive and rigorous test suite and deliver the quality and performance expected by installers and end-users.”

Telensa and Eaton Lighting join up to scale-up smart cities

Smart lighting companies Telensa and Eaton Lighting have announced they will work together on connected LED lighting solutions and related smart city applications. They said they will “expand the implementation of integrated lighting, control and smart city solutions” in smart cities.

Details were scant, but Telensa said the outdoor lighting controls market is fragmented, with many vendors having a limited deployment footprint. 

Will Gibson, founder and chief commercial officer at Telensa, said: “The industry is looking for resilient turnkey solutions that are proven at scale and with the largest city and utility lighting networks. We are excited to join forces with Eaton Lighting as smart LED street lighting enters the mainstream. By combining our companies’ proven leadership in LEDs and smart controls, we will accelerate the path to smart cities driven by streetlight infrastructure.”

Bob Smith, director of connected communities at Eaton Lighting, said: “Cities and utilities are looking for simple, scalable solutions for smart LED street lighting that can grow into a full smart city infrastructure. Streetlights are an ideal location to deploy connected technology solutions, and we look forward to continuing to work with Telensa to make the vision of the smart city a reality.”

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