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Qualcomm seeks 2cm lane accuracy on C-V2X positioning for autonomous cars

Qualcomm is working with California-based Trimble to make high accuracy positioning solutions for cellular vehicle-to-everything services (C-V2X) in connected and autonomous vehicles.

Qualcomm said it will host Trimble’s RTX sitioning software library on its Snapdragon platforms for the vehicle market. Qualcomm’s 4G and 5G based automotive platforms offer accurate positioning for maintaining in-lane positioning. The combination with RTX will accelerate adoption of road-level navigation and emergency services applications, it said.

Qualcomm’s 4G and 5G automotive platforms feature integrated multi-frequency and multi-constellation high-precision GNSS technology. They support major global and regional GNSS satellite constellations, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and QZSS, operating concurrently on the L1, L2, and L5 frequency bands.

They also include a ‘precise positioning framework’, which ensures consistency in access and use of precise positioning information and incorporates the use of GNSS corrections technology. 

Qualcomm said: “Tight integration of GNSS functionality in conjunction with the modem reception of the corrections allows for minimum latencies and optimal performance of the precise-positioning solution from the telematics system and provides automakers with a global location platform to meet the requirements of next-generation vehicles.”

Trimble’s RTX technology provides real-time, multi-constellation GNSS corrections and positioning capable of two-centimetre horizontal accuracy, compared to uncorrected GNSS positioning that can defines locations of several meters. 

The combined solution will provide reliable, consistent, high-accuracy positioning, in a broadcast format, to serve even the most precise requirements of the automotive and transportation industries. It will satisfy requirements for developing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving solutions.

John Sprivulis, director of autonomous navigation solutions for Trimble’s advanced positioning division, said: “Both companies are committed to advancing the development of safer, more capable ADAS. Together we will offer a solution to the automotive industry that can help accelerate the adoption of precise GNSS positioning in the connected car and transform the way the world drives.”

Lars Boeryd, senior director for product marketing at Qualcomm, said: “Highly accurate positioning is quickly becoming an important element of connected vehicle solutions to support V2X and other autonomy applications. For this very reason, we are working with Trimble to host the RTX precise positioning software library on our Snapdragon Automotive 4G and 5G platforms to offer a robust end-to-end highly accurate position solution for the automotive industry.”

An RTX-enabled Snapdragon evaluation kit (EVK) is expected to be available by early 2020, for use by automotive manufacturers and suppliers, and others.

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