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LG Uplus working on 5G smart port initiative

Korean operator LG Uplus announced plans to construct a smart port system powered by 5G technology that will enable unmanned cranes to be operated remotely to maximize efficiency in transporting containers, Korean newspaper Korea Times reported.

LG Uplus said that the smart port initiative will be developed through an agreement with compatriot firm Seoho Electric. Under the terms of the deal, both companies will carry out what it claims to be the world’s first demonstration of a 5G-based smart port operation at a domestic container terminal. The agreement stipulated cooperative measures to combine LG Uplus’ 5G network with automated port cranes.

Seoho Electric is South Korea’s largest and the world’s second-largest manufacturer of port crane control systems.

LG Uplus said the smart port system, which utilizes the ultra-low latency video transmission feature of 5G, will enable the cranes to be operated flexibly when loading and unloading cargo.

Once the 5G-based system is installed, it will help improve the inefficient working environments of ports that usually operate 24 hours a day, and prevent accidents as people will not be physically present at the container yards, the carrier said.

“As LG Uplus specializes in 5G telecommunication services, and Seoho Electric specializes in automated port crane systems, the two companies have cooperated in planning the smart port business model,” said Suh Jae-yong,  vice president of the Enterprise 5G Business Unit at LG Uplus.

Seoho Electric CEO Kim Seong-nam said the new smart port system will meet the growing demand by container terminal operators for automated systems. 

“If appropriate fee systems and safety measures are offered, the new system will be able to tap into the global market as well,” he said. 

LG Uplus also highlighted that it will continue to expand the application of 5G in various areas, focusing its efforts on advancing remote control technology and creating new services for corporate clients. 

Earlier this year, LG Uplus said it was planning a deployment total of 80,000 5G base stations across South Korea by the end of 2019, in order to to cover 90% of the population with 5G technology.

LG Uplus said it will expand its 5G coverage to 85 cities across South Korea by the end of this year. 

 The country’s three carriers had launched commercial 5G services on April 3. Earlier this month, LG Uplus announced it had reached 387,000 subscribers in the 5G segment.

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